Relationship BuildingCreate the dream team with Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreats

We work with individuals to help them bridge their gaps in relationship and team building.

We also work with teams to bring higher levels of understanding and co-operation to create more than the sum of the parts. Successful teams have an understanding beyond normal team working. They support each other through feeling rather than being reliant on listening.

Our founder, David Walton is a firm believer in the work of Otto Scharmer from MIT and his book 'Theory U'. However David believes these levels of understanding and team working can be more quickly be achieved through plant medicines.

People taking plant medicines together create a level of mutual understanding and respect it could otherwise take many years to achieve.  Plant medicines make people go the extra mile for each other, they create empathy beyond that that any other team building programmes could achieve.

For further information please see "Retreat Packages - Executive Retreats'