If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

Subtle EnergySubtle Energy Fields - Quantum Science & the Ancients Collide!

We cannot begin to explain ‘subtle energy’ without starting with a simple explanation of a complex issue. For many years traditional science could not determine if light was a wave or a particle. Quantum Physics finally resolved this debate. The Dr Quantum double slit experiment  shows that observation changes waves into particles.

Quantum Science explains what Buddha said 2,500 years ago, it’s the bridge between science and spirituality as it recognises the connection between consciousness and matter.

There are still many energies we don’t understand and cannot measure, consequently traditional science considers they do not exist. However our experience of life provides the evidence that there is more to life than traditional science understands.

The universe, our own bodies are pure energy. Energies influence other energies and consequently we are influenced by energies traditional science does not understand and believes do not exist.

This is what is explained below. Passages in italics represent what is directly copied from David’s book “There is More to Life”.

We need to be aware of the three major sources of energy that affect us if we wish to improve our health, wellbeing and spiritual awareness. These being what we put into our bodies, the food we eat; the energy we create by our thoughts and emotions and the energy of the environment in which we all live.

1) The food we eat.

There is nothing new here. We all know we should eat healthily. Our food needs to be healthy and wholesome, without pesticides, not processed and well balanced. Animal fats and dairy need to be less than 10% of our overall dietary intake. A tough ask we know and for further information then watch an amazing documentary entitled ‘Forks over Knives’, which shows how, and provides the evidence that, cancers can be cured by diet alone.

2) The energy we generate.

I’m very familiar with energy fields, auras and our chakras. I’ve formally trained as a Usui Reiki Master Trainer and learnt other energy healing techniques. I favor a Q’ero method. The Q’ero are a small community of farmers, weavers and medicine people who live at the highest altitudes of the Andean mountains in Peru. They sought refuge in these mountains when the Spanish invaded in the 1500s. 

Munay Medicine is located in the very mountains of the Q’ero. How the Q’ero understand energy and energy healing is described in a wonderful book ‘The Fourth Level’ by Elizabeth Jenkins.

When I do energy healing I combine Reiki and the Q’ero methods they have many similarities. Energy healing goes back centuries, it crosses many continents and cultures wit many common techniques.

Dr Sue Morter

When I teach energy healing I always start with a wonderful video by Dr Sue Morter in which she does a brilliant job of explaining energy fields.

TEDxNASA - Dr. Sue Morter (18 minutes)

As Morter explains, there are three main fields that form our aura.

“The first is the etheric field it is about 5mm deep. - The etheric field is the blueprint for constructing the aspects of the physical body. It merges with the embryo during pregnancy and carries physical features such as birthmarks, wounds or injuries.

The second energetic layer is the Astral field, also called the emotional body. – This carries our emotional baggage and typically expands half a meter around the body….

Third is the mental field. This expands several metres outside the body. It’s the mental field that reflects our thoughts …..”

We need to be very aware of how we are affected by others thoughts and indeed how we influence others with our own. This is quite a leap for the western mind so below an example of something we all know.

… A wife is preparing food in the kitchen. She has her back to the door her husband is just walking through. Yet before a word is said, without the facial expression to guide him, he immediately knows he’s in trouble.

How many men have been there? Women know they can create an atmosphere just by adopting a certain state of mind it’s a choice. It works both ways round as men can do the same.

There are countless other examples like when someone walks into a room with a black cloud over their head, well not literally, but we feel it. Often we read physiology but not always. So what’s happening when there is nothing said and no physiology to interpret?

When you meet someone new, it may be a friend of a friend, you decide very early on if you like that person. You get either good or bad vibes. Sometimes very strongly, other times it’s subtler.

What is happening is our mental field is reading the mental field of the other person. We do not know the thoughts; we feel their impact.

3) The environment in which we live

Now consider being in a large angry group, all that energy bombarding you. When we start to look at this it is easy to see how mob behavior, such as football hooligans, can begin and why some normally passive people become angry and aggressive.

It doesn’t need to be a large angry group; some people find busy cities oppressive.

At Munay Medicine we address all three of these energies.

We are vegetarian, the fruit and vegetables are grown locally and come from the Urubamba or Calca markets. As is shown in ‘Forks over Knives’, adopting a wholesome diet for three weeks can significantly change our body chemistry. 10 days is a start but people do notice the difference. We like to think that people’s dietary habits will change after they leave us.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro awaken people, they enable us to climb the vibrational ladder and appreciate the higher realms of consciousness. The medicines also release suppressed emotional energy and begin a cleansing process enabling people to address the baggage they may be carrying thus enabling them to automatically change thought patterns.

We are situated in the Sacred Valley a few miles from Apu Pitusiray at a very powerful earth energy point. It is a very peaceful energy that helps people relax and makes for an ideal setting to be receptive to the teachings of the medicines.

These are the three components that we believe make Munay special and this is reflected in our reviews. However people do have to go back to their home environment. To protect clients from what can be termed ‘negative’ energy, albeit the term is a misnomer, we provide every client with a quartz crystal necklace. These quartz necklaces are inexpensive and can be purchased in the Pizac market for a few dollars. However we cleanse each one in the Sacred River and charge them with the energy of Apu Pitusiray. Quartz though does more than protect though.

Quartz CrystalQuartz Crystals - Munay Medicine, Cusco, Peru

From the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

“….A quartz symbolizes universal awareness, its purpose is to stimulate healing for the planet and activate healing abilities in individuals. It connects to a spiritual guide and enhances meditation and facilitates access to the Akashic records, reading past lives and recovering repressed memories to put the past in context. They can also take you to a between lives state….”.

Note from David

I had always been sceptical about the claims made about crystals. That was until July 2016. I had been to Cusco and there was a parade and Plaza del Armas was packed. I found it very oppressive and on my return to the valley Tracie suggested I used a quartz crystal to protect me from others energy. I did not take this overly seriously but next time I was in Pizac market I bought one. I was in Cusco a week or so later and again a parade, sadly they’re too common in Cusco. This time I did not suffer the same oppressive feelings. This was the first little chip at my skepticism.

Then in October 2016 during a meditation Mother Ayahuasca visited. Her presence was undeniable; the smell of Ayahuasca filled my nostrils then the taste was in my mouth. For such a beautiful and powerful entity her presence would have been more pleasantly announced visually.

Mother Ayahuasca directed me to bury crystal around the perimeter of Tambo de Calimante, she told me to cleanse them first in the Sacred River. Then she showed me a dome over the Tambo that was directly connected to Apu Pitusiray. She then told me to place a quartz crystal in each of our rooms and provide each client with a small crystal that they should wear during their stay.

I’m just doing what I’m told.