If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

Seven levels of Consciousness

There are many sources for this explanation of consciousness. One highly recommended is 'The Fourth Level' by Elizabeth Jenkins, a book about the Q'ero and Andean Cosmology. Ayahuasca accesses the Fourth and Fifth levels. The Q'ero are the indiginous people of the Sacred Valley where Munay Medicine have made their home. The Q'ero went into the high Andes when the Spanish invaded and have avoided Catholic and Western influence. It is only in recent times they have come down from the mountains as Ayahuasca has told them the West needs their help.

The First Level.

This consists of all the inorganic material on this Earth: the minerals, crystals, soil, and rocks, all the elements that make up the Earth in its raw form. Everything is one and is consciousness. Not consciousness as we know it but still part of all that is.

The Second Level.

This is the level of Gaia, mother earth, it consists of organic material, nature, plants and trees. San Pedro connects to this level, it is where foundations are laid.

The Third Level.

This is the level of ‘life’ such as humans and other animals. The challenge of the third level of consciousness is being governed by emotions and instinctual desires, and the reality of being manifest. It is a challenging level as we have become disconnected from the higher realms.

It is from here we need learn how to see past the physical material plane to experience the Fourth Level and beyond. A good book that will help people understand higher levels or higher dimensions is “The Fourth Level” by Elizabeth Jenkins. It describes the Andean Cosmology approach and is true for all.

The Fourth Level.

This can be called the Astral plain or the ‘spirit world.’ It is where we exist after physical death, where our friends, parents and grand parents etc. are in waiting. It is the school where we learn the truth of what we are without the limitations of being in physical form. From here we decide to either go around again (be reborn with new learning objectives) or learn to ascend into the Fifth. Being on this third level means we have not graduated to higher vibrations of reality. Ayahuasca helps us connect Fourth Level Consciousness and helps us understand more about the nature of reality and our part in it by helping us understand our true selves and, subject to many factors, ascend to the fifth next time around.

The Fifth Level.

This is the home of divine and semi-divine beings, the consciousness of Christ and the Buddha. We all have the ability to experience Fifth Level consciousness through meditation and plant medicines. It does though take dedication to attain the Fifth Level and go beyond. Taking Ayahuasca a few times is only the beginning of the journey to the Fifth. According to Elizabeth Jenkins no ‘physical being’ has been at the Fifth Level of consciousness since the early 16th century. Fifth Level beings are easy to spot, they glow, Christ was at the Fifth Level of consciousness.

The Sixth Level.

This is where the fundamental forces of nature, the physical ‘Laws of the Universe’ are formed. Gravity, Electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces are created here.

The Seventh Level

This is the level of the collective consciousness of ‘all that is’ Here there is no separation; we are all one, all together, all knowing.