San Pedro


San Pedro is a cacti found in South America, it was originally called Huachuma (Wachuma) until the Spanish invasion of 1532. The Spanish thought Huachama held the keys to the gates of heaven so they named it after Saint Peter. San Pedro is known for it's mescaline however it has many other active alkaloids and it is important that these are not lost in the preparation of the San Pedro 'tea'. 

San Pedro is not as well known as Ayahuasca however the two plants work in unison. According to Andean Cosmology San Pedro connects us to our Etheric consciousness that provides a different 'experience' of the three dimensional world in which we all live. Our senses become heightened, especially vision, colour becomes saturated the 3D effect becomes more enhanced a bit like 3D in high definition. Mountains can be seem to move and often animals can be 'seen' where previously there were none. Some report seeing sacred geometry connecting the plants and tree's. As we let go of our thinking (left hemisphere of our brain) the right hemisphere consciousness takes over and we truly experience living in the moment and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Love permeates our very being and once love at this level is experienced it cannot be lost or undone. It is as close as one can get to heaven whilst alive, the Spanish were right.

Later in the experience, as the controlling element of the left hemisphere are temporarily diminished emotional issues can arise. This is the fundamental healing San Pedro enables. At Munay we have trained therapists to help deal and most importantly heal the pain that can become more evident.

Healing at this level is profound and removes baggage clients were not aware they were even carrying, hence afterwards clients describe a new lightness and greater ease with themselves. San Pedro provides the foundations on which Ayahuasca in the Astral plain builds. They literally work hand in hand.

On the first San Pedro ceremony with new groups David usually takes a small dose of San Pedro. He does this as he is able to channel and support clients that may be going through some thought long gone trauma. All the healing David has provided has been with San Pedro, he believes it is the most underestimated plant medicine and the foundation for the astral exploration of Ayahuasca.

For a better understanding of the left and right hemisphere consciousness please see the 20 minute TEDTalk video 'A Stroke of Insight' by Harvard Neuro-anatomist Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. Taylor explains through her own experience of having a stroke in her left hemisphere how the left hemisphere thinking brain acts, it's like a serial processor. Whereas the right hemisphere a parallel processor. The left hemisphere is where the intellect resides, it holds memory and learnt behaviours. The right hemisphere being 'in the moment' where San Pedro takes you, however fortunately not as dramatically as Taylor experienced.