Margaret Gallagher 


Margaret believes that each massage session offers an opportunity to re-connect with physical well being, mental relaxation and pure bliss.

Her journey to massage began with the exploration all of the sensations that exist in the physical body, through the practice of Yoga. She discovered a new universe to enjoy in the living world. Delving into the world of massage, expanding her knowledge of the human body, it's movements and intricacies. Margaret becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2007.

Working with physical pain and muscular trauma, therapeutic, relaxation and myo-fasical techniques, Margaret attuned herself to the currents of energy within each session. Her energetic explorations allowed more growth in philosophy, practices, and techniques and how they relate to the human form to enable each massage client to relax and experience their own body on a deeper level.

Margaret's clients walk away from their sessions feeling more freedom in their bodies, freedom to move, to sense, and to be their true selves. 

Margaret first came to Perú in 2013, she felt like she was answering a call, to be here, and share, and learn and grow, and assist others that are also travelling here seeking to reconnect to their true source.

Each massage session is a one hour exploration for you to find rest, release tension, and integrate the experiences of the plant medicine.

Relaxation massage techniques, based in energy healing, help to ground the body and ease physical pain, while balancing the whole system.  

Optional massage techniques, duration, and sessions available by request.