Kambo / Sapo - Cleansing Tree Frog Venom

Kambo or Sapo - Medicinal Tree Frog Venom. Munay Medicine, Cusco, Peru

The onset can be intense and unpleasant, but the worst of it is usually over fairly quickly and its enthusiasts agree it is an extremely beneficial purgative; cleansing deep rooted toxins, improving circulation, stamina and heightening senses as well as providing long term immunity to certain diseases.

What is Kambo?

This medicine is from the peptide secretions from the Phyllomedusa bicolor, an Amazonian tree frog.

Kambo is made up of many different substances, all of which have their own effect on the human body.


Kambo contains a large number of peptides (proteins), such as

  • Bradykinin (Phyllokinin)
  • Tachykinins (phyllomedusin)
  • Caerulein
  • Sauvagine
  • Tryptophyllins
  • Dermorphins
  • Deltorphins
  • Bombesins

Kambo - Possible Anti Tumour Medicine

Kambo includes the two peptides dermaseptin B2 and B3. These substances are found to have an anti-bacterial effect and, in addition, to prevent the growth of tumors.

These two promising substances have to be further investigated for possible anti-tumour therapy. Furthermore, other studies show that in addition to dermaseptin B2 and B3, kambo also contains other substances which inhibit the growth of tumours.

Source: http://azarius.net/encyclopedia/84/Kambo/

Kambo frog poison being administered via tiny blisters in skin. Peru

Tribal Kambo - Heighted Senses of the Jungle Hunters

Several tribes as well as mestizo groups in the Amazon Rainforest harvest Kambo and use the tree frog poison the day before a big hunt. This is because of its perceived effects on stamina and heightened sensory perception.

The peptides; Caerulein and Sauvagine stimulate the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland, contributing to heightened sensory perception and increased stamina. Both of these peptides have a strong analgesic effect, enhance endurance, increase physical strength and in general, enhance the capacity to face pain and stressful situations. They possess medical potential as digestive aids, and have demonstrated analgesic effects for those with renal colic, pain due to peripheral vascular insufficiency and cancer pain.

Doctor Kambo - Brain Disease, Depression, Circulation and Organ Healer

The properties of Kambô peptides cover a wide range of potential medical uses: treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, skin and eyes issues, fertility problems in women and men, AID’s, hepatitis, cancer, etc.

Adenoregulin works in the human body through the adenosine receptors, a fundamental component in all human cell fuel. These receptors can offer a target for treating depression, stroke seizures and cognitive loss ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Scientific research on the peptides of Kambô are opening up new perspectives on how the human brain works.

Kambo bearing tree frogs are found in the Amazon rain-forest. Munay Medicine, Cusco, Peru

Kambo - Anti Inflammatory, Natural Antibiotics and Anesthetics

Due to the presence of these nine peptides, kambô is one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system.

Contained in the medicinal secretion are kambô’s anti-inflammatory effects, its capacity to destroy microbes and viruses and heal infections. 

The kambô treatments have short and long term effects.

“Short term, the effects are a state of alertness, good mood, enhanced resistance to tiredness, hunger and thirst’, the capacity to easily concentrate and focus, and a still mind which can last for several days or weeks. Long term, kambô empowers the immune system, overcomes fatigue and improves one’s state of health.”

Source: http://www.heartoftheinitiate.com/files/Kambo-Scientific-Research-Healing-Treatments.pdf

Kambo Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru

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