If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

Luxury Executive Psychedelic Retreats

We offer a unique and specialised program developed for leaders and business executives. Psychedelic plant medicines (we use Ayahuasca and San Pedro) provide a 'broadband connection' to higher states of consciousness that provide deeper levels of understanding of self and levels of intuition and inspiration beyond what had previously been experienced. This is why they are becoming increasing popular in the West as they are recognised for the valuable tool they really are. 

To achieve the most from the experience we believe people should be relaxed and be in comfort, there being no need for the insects of jungle living. All our rooms have comfortable beds with en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water, you are pampered here at Munay Medicine.

The total experience at Munay is one of positive development, to help people discover their true potential.

David's story and experience.

Our founder, David Walton has a background in the corporate world. David worked at senior levels for many blue chip companies and has been a (288a) Director of an LSE registered company.

David was the Bid Director for British Telecom that won the contract for the UK Governments Communications HQ, (equivalent to the USA NSA), new accommodation building; a contract valued at £1.5 billion. When only 30 he delivered the Morecambe Bay, Phase I Stage II, Field Control and Communications systems, both on time and to budget. Offshore oil and gas projects are high risk complex projects and David received a letter of commendation from the then MD of British Gas Production & Supply, Sir James McHugh.

David realised that all the success did not bring him real happiness and it wasn't until he discovered psychedelics he found what he'd been searching for. David has a fascinating story that starts from his earliest spiritual experiences at the age of five to opening a psychedelic retreat in Peru 55 years later and it is detailed in his book 'There is more to Life'. The first chapter is available here free.

Since David left the commercial world he has developed an exceptional relationship with Ayahuasca who speaks with him outside ceremonies. Look at our reviews to see what clients think. Learn more about David and Munay Medicine by visiting our home page.

Otto Scharmer’s ‘Theory U – Leading from the future as it emerges’.

David understands the issues and stresses working at senior levels can produce and is an advocate of Otto Scharmer’s ‘Theory U – Leading from the future as it emerges' (2009).

Scharmer, a senior lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Sloan School of Management researched 1,400 companies on the US Fortune 500. He was looking for companies where their financial performance had been mediocre for many years. He wanted companies that had been performing significantly below their market average, then within a year to out-perform their market average by a factor of 3:1. He found 11 companies where there had been such significant and beneficial change, how?

The Board of Directors of the 11 companies Scharmer investigated had taken on a new director and this new director had changed how their boards communicated. No longer the fiefdoms of structure; now co-operation and collaboration were used to create change for the benefit of all. These companies reaped massive rewards. What was the difference? Their level of listening.

David believes his businesses successes were a direct result of what Scharmer discovered albeit he had no idea at that time. He also believes that psychedelics provide a short-cut to what he describes as level 5 creative listening. The intuition coming from Mother Ayahuasca.

Munay Medicine can help business leaders naturally discover their inherent abilities.

Munay Medicine's Approach

What is vitally important is how people who have no experience of plant medicines, such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, are introduced and counselled both before and after the experience.

Here Munay Medicine is unique as it does not follow the traditional shaman approach. There is no ritual dancing and singing, no snake rattles feathers and smoke blowing.  All the staff speak English and are energy sensitive so know what is going on. English speaking is obviously very important for deep levels of communication throughout the duration of the retreat.

Initially we offer small doses of medicine and build the dose depending on an individual’s previous experience and ability to integrate. Client safety and wellbeing is a fundamental aspect to the services we provide.

On the first evening we show videos that address the neuroscience and elements of quantum science that help prepare for for the expeience.

The video's by experts in their fields are a good introduction to what can be expected and help eliminate any anxiety that clients may be feeling.

We support the video's with further explanations about psychedelic experiences. After the first San Pedro the following day people look forward with anticipation to their first Ayahuasca. We understand the Western mind and how best to prepare people for the awesome life changing experience that awaits them.

Discover your true potential - it is more than you think, it is more than you can think! Check availability here






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