If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

David Walton

David Walton - Founder of Munay Medicine, Cusco, Peru


David is the founder of Munay Medicine. He conducts the cermonies and pre ceremony meditations and provides post Ayahuasca and San Pedro counselling, facilitates group discussions about plant medicine experiences and provides one to one energy healing.

David has been a highly successful Bid and Programme Director. He has worked at senior levels for several blue chip companies, won large complex bids and delivered multi-discipline programs. However, David did not get any personal satisfaction from what he was doing. After winning a contract valued in excess of £1.5 billion he asked himself very seriously, “there must be more to life than this.”

A few weeks later he discovered there was, as one morning he became 'one with the universe', this experience fundamentally changed his perception of life and the part we all play in it. Since that experience David has had many deeply profound 'altered states of consciousness, and this before he discovered the plant medicines.

These experiences led David into Buddhism, he attended The Buddhist Society of Manchester for over 12 years, where he was trained in and now teaches meditation. During this period, he experienced the wonderful blissful state of Nirvana. His interest in the unconscious mind led him into one to one therapy with Hypnosis, Past Life and Soul Regression. He is also a trained NLP Master Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master Trainer.

David certainly knows, from his own personal experience, that there is a lot more to life than most understand and that was before he discovered Ayahuasca. Plant medicines took his understanding of consciousness several stages further. Ayahuasca was a personal challenge as all his life he had been 'anti-drug', however both his research and experience told him the propaganda about psychedelics was just that. The facts are somewhat different and rarely discussed in mainstream western media.

After David’s first Ayahuasca ceremony held in Europe he then travelled to Peru where he discovered Wachuma (San Pedro) and other plant medicines. He also found the spiritual guidance of the Inca and Andean Cosmology, which he found is so similar to Buddhism.

David combines his Reiki healing with the teachings of the Q'ero and Andean Cosmology (so similar to Buddhism) that he uses to support the healing that San Pedro brings. He says “the plants are a short cut to many years of dedicated meditation, they provide deep insights into the unconscious mind and higher realms of reality”.

David also has interests in Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Cellular microbiology, all of which he says are leading back to the same place, consciousness.


David Walton - There is More to Life - Book"There is More to Life"

In ‘There is More to Life’ David describes his life journey from the recognition that a highly successful business career had no real meaning, to the discovery of the truth of what we really are and what the West has become.

He started having spiritual experiences when he was five years old. At 48 he became ‘one with the universe’ and this led him to Buddhism and his appreciation of meditation and higher states of consciousness. David attended the Buddhist Society of Manchester in England for over 12 years. In his early 50’s he experienced Nirvana and this was all before he discovered the sacred plants. David believes that in the right environment plant experiences are deeply profound spiritual experiences each being equivalent to years of dedicated meditation.

‘There is More to Life’ was published in April 2016, by clicking here you can read the first chapter for free.


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A true gift from a boundless universe.

Zulf Ali   October 15, 2015

As a self-proclaimed enlightened soul, the realization that I am not that enlightened at all seem to be repeating cycle. Search and find, search and find, then get lost, search and find again and again. Then came David Walton, or as I call him “Guru Dave”. He is a wise and powerful soul that really sees you, knows you, and is totally present. Does not try and impress with his depth of knowledge (which is vast both worldly and other worldly), I felt his joy and his presence immediately. Being a c level senior guy, spirituality seems at odds with my fast paced corporate life. The tension between the material and spiritual has weighed heavily throughout my life. Search and find, lost again….you know what I mean David not only got me, he got my challenge, he spend most of his career doing corporate stuff and had found the way to balance, lucky for me he has decided to teach and share the path in a way that has transformed my life. He is without doubt a guide of the highest order. Find him, learn from him, five stars do not do him justice.


Natural Born Healer

Cibele March  October 20, 2015

David and I met over a year ago in Peru. We were part of an amazing group of people who shared many transformative experiences involving Sapo, San Pedro and Ayahuasca. From day one, David was organically elected the father-to-all, wise go-to friend of the group. He is both an intelligent and intuitive person, his presence is calming. David is the guide/friend who has the skills and the desire to help you get the most of your self-learning journey with the plant medicines.


The finest retreat

Owen Mckenzie October 21, 2015

David provided a safe and secure environment to experience the wonders of plant medicine. Staying at Munay was very different from other retreats wit all the modern facilities available. I would highly recommend a retreat with David for the initiated and uninitiated alike. Thank you David.


Out of this world

Zubia Hawcroft October 19, 2015

David is a highly intuitive, sensitive and knowledgeable individually. Retreat takes the time to help you understand yourself and your true potential. Life changing! I cannot recommend this highly enough.


This place is magical

Daniela Walker   October 15, 2015

The place, the people, the all over experience was just amazing! You have a bit of everything there, magical feeling of the Sacret Valley, peace and quiet, very intense experiences with yourself…and the most important, great support from knowledgeable people with loving hearts! I definitely recommend this place! Thank you, David!!!!


Spirit Guide

Alexandra Salkova McKenzie   October 21, 2015

Beautiful resort, magical energies, life changing experiences – and this is only the beginning of an adventure. David is the perfect person to discuss most spiritual, extraordinary and “out of this world” experiences, along with the practical support and help. David provides safe environment to one’s journey and I always felt comfortable to share my experiences. David gently guides and shares insights as one will much appreciate it during personal awakening. Thank you David 


David the Legend

Hadi Nassar   October 15, 2015

I was suffering from jet lag, a headache and excessive tiredness, I was due to catch another flight in a few hours and did not have the energy. I knew that missing the flight would cause problems for others but I really felt awful. David came to see a friend of mine and noticed I wasn’t feeling well. He just spoke to me, he put me into a light trance and took all the symptoms away. Within 20 minutes I was up and preparing for my flight. I didn’t think it would have been possible. I remember him saying that I would get a really good night’s sleep that night and I did. The following morning, I felt so refreshed, full of energy and ready for any challenge to face. I would certainly recommend David


Making sense of your experiences…

Carol Talbot   October 20, 2015

It takes a lot of courage to walk into the unknown and create a sacred space where trans-formative experiences can happen. David Walton has done just that by literally stepping into a new way of being and creating Munay Medicine in the Sacred Valley in Peru. You can go to many places in South America and experience powerful indigenous medicine…and what do you do with those insights and experiences as you return to the western world? David is caring and intuitive, and has extensive experience in coaching and guiding people that allows them to make sense and integrate their experiences in ways that bring them to a deeper sense of understanding and fulfilment.


An amazing individual

Colin McKeown   October 15, 2015

I have never met anyone like David who can get inside one’s head to help identify deeply embedded issues and carefully help to teach you how to begin the journey of self-healing. I first experienced his natural abilities several years ago where he helped me to deal with the passing of my father who, despite it being some time since his death, still preyed heavily on my mind. He helped me to draw on the positives to help me deal with the situation and then provided me with the mental tools to deal with the pressure and challenges relating to my professional life as a company director. I am pleased to say that I still use these techniques today and they have helped me deal with several significant events since, ensuring a far more positive outcome when compared to my previous outlook on life when faced with similar situations. A top man, expert in his field and also a thoroughly nice person to be supported by.