If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

This page will cover updates to what has been happening to David, a 21st Century Heretic since publication of his book.

To understand the context you need to read the book, "There Is More To Life - By a 21st Century Heretic 2nd Edition" The Preface of which is copied below.


I’ve been having ‘spiritual experiences’ since I was five years old and this book is my life story and a lot more. I explain that there is more support from ‘them upstairs’ than we realise, it’s easy to get and available to us all, every last one of us.

Quantum Science throws ‘light’ on some of my experiences and I reference others who have also had similar experiences to mine. When we look at individual events in isolation they may not seem to mean much, however when we pull everything together we begin to see the ‘big picture’.

This is the intention of this book, to pull things together, to see the big picture and what a picture it is. What I show is what Quantum Science calls ‘dimensions’ can also be called ‘spiritual experiences.’ Some of us may understand Quantum Science by experience if not the complex mathematics.

I’ve been having experiences of other dimensions for over 60 years. I now know that ‘Mother Ayahuasca,’ the sacred plant medicine from South America, instigated all of them. Ayahuasca opens our consciousness to the higher dimensions where we meet ‘entities’ of great wisdom. Mother Ayahuasca is one, she is known by many names, another being, ‘The Holy Spirit.’

The first edition of this book was published in 2016. Since then my relationship with Mother Ayahuasca or ‘The Holy Spirit’ has become deeper, more profound and meaningful. She has taught and is still teaching me about the very nature of our three dimensional reality and what the higher ‘dimensions’ offer.

Mother Ayahuasca, ‘The Holy Spirit’, is pure unconditional love; she has a great sense of humour and is an absolute joy to ‘connect’ with. She knows us better than we know ourselves and has great wisdom. When needed she can be firm and even administer ‘tough love’, ultimately she is the best friend you could ever have as all you ever get from her is honesty and truth. Her initial teachings are very personal; we are taught what we need to be taught not what we may ask to learn. Once we implement these lessons, which we have to do if we want to progress, she takes us further, into the very nature of consciousness and the experience of ‘heaven’ and that is not what you may think.

She has guided my consciousness above our three dimensional realm on many occasions and this is what this book is about. The experience of stepping outside time was though a huge challenge. More recently I’ve physically dematerialised; I’d not have known this without a witness. I’m told this is the beginning of the next stage of my learning that will lead to bi-location. Quantum Science is right, time and space are illusionary and we can transverse them.

I’m also directed by a channelled entity that describes Mother Ayahuasca as his sister. Zak sits in what he calls ‘an ocean of consciousness’ that is inhabited by Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature and more. It is in this ‘ocean of consciousness’ that religious deities can be found, ultimately they, and we, are all one.

Zak explained why in 2014 I was directed to Peru to discover Mother Ayahuasca. She was needed for my spiritual development that he tells me has now plateaued at a spiritual dimension of 22. He sits at 26 and the majority of people in the third dimension sit between 12 and 15. This may sound grandiose but when you read what has been happening to me over the past 60 years it does provide an explanation.

What Mother Ayahuasca - The Holy Spirit - Zak and others, have taught me contradicts the Western paradigm of traditional science and religions but does show us that, in reality - ‘There Is More To Life’ - and I show you how to discover this for yourself.