If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for....
Look within.

Ayahuasca - healing with the vine of the soul 

ayahuasca retreat

Ayahuasca is known for DMT, however it is more than that. The initial stages of an Ayahuasca experience is DMT, a powerful psychedelic proving colourful morphing images, however when these subside a deeper more profound experience begins. It is difficult to be specific as to what these experiences are as every one is different and they are specific to the individual. That said they address high level profound personal issues that help people understand more about themselves and the reason for their life journey and the possibilities open to them.

Everyone's experience is different, same medicine, same location different day and a totally different experience. Hence the exact effect you will experience is impossible to say, but it is likely to be quite powerful, often spectacular, or even ‘out of this world’, and life changing. There are many accounts of people having; deep spiritual encounters, visiting other realms, dimensions, times, stepping outside of time, Godhead moments, telepathy, and other psychic phenomena with Ayahuasca.

Traditionally Ayahuasca has been used by the tribes of the Amazon rainforest (in what is now Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia) for millennia and in more recent times by Spanish settlers and Mestizo cultures, and now, to a more international group of seekers, attracted by the astonishing stories and accounts of life changing experiences told by others that have gone before.

Ayahuasca is really spectacular, not only for the astonishing visions and journeys it takes its passengers on, but also Ayahuasca is known for long term healings; especially mental conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, but also at times physical problems too. It provides a greater understanding of oneself.

Please read our dietary advice here.

Munay Medicines Approach to Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We want people to develop a personal, one to one, relationship with the plants, however we're always at hand if support is needed. Indeed support is our raison d'etre with Ayahuasca as it is after the ceremonies, the following days that we are always at hand to help guide and understand the experience albeit understanding can take many days even weeks to complete. 

Guests are never left alone, there are always energy sensitive people to support and assist if required.

Ceremonies all start with a Andean Cosmology guided meditation connecting clients to the plants before their physical effects become noticeable. 

We don't use shamans in our ceremonies, we prefer not to interfere with the process, trusting in Ayahuasca and your subconscious to lead you to the very best results for your personal development. That said David has a deep and very profound relationship with Mother Ayahuasca, she speaks to him outside the medicine and directs him with clients in many ways. David does not consider himself a shaman, more an energy worker that ensures the space is clean and the environment right. Mother Ayahuasca has told David "you create the space and I'll do the rest".

Mother Ayahuasca resides in the Astral plane and the medicine takes us there and complete, we travel with our shadow. There is a lot spoken about 'dark experiences' however David believes a 'dark experience' is in fact the greatest learning opportunity we can have in the medicines and believes people having one are 'lucky', provided they are prepared and know how to deal with them and here at Munay we prepare people.

David has had many experiences with higher states of consciousness as his book 'There Is More To Life' (the first chapter is available here for free) details. Recently David was told that Mother Ayahuasca was in fact another name for 'The Holy Spirit'. Initially David had resistance to this concept, caused through it's Christian connotations, however when he asked Mother Ayahuasca she told him, 'I am known by many names'.  When we consider the higher states of consciousness as described in Buddhism, Andean Cosmology and other great traditions that say 'we're all one', then it is easy to accept that what is known as 'Mother Ayahuasca' is in fact another name for the Holy Spirit. Ayahuasca has shown David that she was responsible for all his many 'spiritual experiences' before he discovered the plants so to David this is true.

We limit the number in an Ayahuasca ceremony to a maximum of eight. 

We do have a great deal of respect for the Shipibo and their traditions, and we are grateful to them for bringing Ayahuasca to the world. Ayahuasca is one way to achieve higher states of consciousness, she opens the door to these higher states that deep meditation can also achieve. The Shipibo have extensive rituals around taking Ayahuasca, we do not follow their practices. We believe the key is to clear your energies, drop your baggage and be prepared to let go; San Pedro helps with this, then Ayahuasca will do the rest. This is our philosophy and we know from our personal experiences and from the feedback of clients it works. As Mother Ayahuasca said to David, she doesn’t need smoke, rattles and feathers.

David has had many deep and profound Ayahuasca experiences before he opened Munay Medicine and they are detailed in his book.  These experiences were in silence and solitude, which was the tradition before the Spanish invasion. If you think of trying to meditate whilst there is singing then you will appreciate the advantages of our approach.

We start ceremonies with meditation; this prepares peoples state of mind. As the plants take effect clients move effortlessly into the experience and it an intimate personal one. No two people have the same experience and no two experiences are ever the same. There is no generic explanation but put simply, the first Ayahuasca experience can be considered an introduction where the plant ‘cleans’ this can involve purging. The second ceremony can be considered ‘healing’ and the third ‘insight’, however this all happens at the sub-conscious level.

By practicing the meditations we teach clients to move seamlessly back into the vibration levels the plants bring, it’s like an anchor and to support this David has recorded one of his meditations for people to use after they leave. This meditation can be done by anyone, whether they have been to Munay or not. 

Sadly there are now in Peru many that call themselves shaman specifically for western visitors looking for guidance and help. There are very few real Shipibo shaman and now many hundreds of retreats. There are many that call themselves shaman with seemingly impressive backgrounds. We know of one real shaman, she does not do retreats; she considers herself a 'healer of healers'. We know how good she is, real shaman are really few and far between and they rarely speak English.

We believe ourselves to be unique as following a ceremony we help people integrate the experiences, this needs both a connection with Ayahuasca and an understanding of the environment of the client, an understanding of the world in which they live. The client’s background is important to understand, it helps us help the client integrate what Ayahuasca is showing. 

The integration process is two fold, there is the conscious mind, left hemisphere of the brain, always trying to analyse and the ‘energy’ that can be said to be the right hemisphere. We address both, in discussion and with energy healing. Energy healing comes in many forms; it can be presence, Reiki, Andean Cosmology, Theta Healing, massage and of course San Pedro.

It is David's hypothesis that Ayahuasca (DMT) energises the corpus callosum (that joins the left and right hemispheres of the brain) giving it a boost that allows for a more conscious experience of right hemisphere consciousness. For further information on right hemisphere consciousness please watch the TEDTalk of Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard Neuro-anatomist here

Ethical Ayahuasca

We take great care sourcing our medicines. We know the Ayahuascero ‘Brown’ who prepares the medicine, when in the valley he visits us, he is a friend with a wonderful energy and soulful spirit. Brown’s Ayahuasca comes from a sustainable source near Tamishyacu in the Amazon basin.