Ayahuasca retreats - healing with the wine of the soul 

ayahuasca retreat

Of all the decisions we make in life, choosing one of personal development, investing in oneself is the most valuable decisions we can make. When our path takes us to question our purpose and ourselves we are beginning the most fantastic journey possible. However, this path can be challenging and it never comes to an end. Developing inter

nally is developing spiritually, it is searching for what we are and is without doubt the most fulfilling thing in life we can do.

Ayahuasca is known for DMT, however it is more than that. The initial stages of an Ayahuasca experience are DMT and they are psychedelic proving colourful morphing images, however when these subside a deeper more profound experience begins. It is difficult to be specific as to what these experiences are as every one is different and they are specific to the individual. That said they address profound issues that help people understand more about themselves and their life journey.

As everyone experience is different, same medicine, same location different day and a totally different experience, hence the exact effect you will experience is impossible to say, but it is likely to
be quite powerful, often spectacular, or even ‘out of this world’, and life changing. There are many accounts of people having; deep spiritual encounters, visiting other realms, dimensions, times, steeping outside of time, Godhead moments, telepathy, and other psychic phenomena with Ayahuasca. A deep Ayahuasca experience can be compared to experiencing death, and with so doing all fear of death is eliminated.

Traditionally Ayahuasca has been used by the tribes of the Amazon rainforest (in what is now Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia) for millennia and in more recent times by Spanish settlers and Metizo cultures, and now, to a more international group of seekers, attracted by the astonishing stories and accounts of life changing experiences told by others that have gone before.

This medicine really is spectacular, not only for the astonishing visions and journeys it takes its passengers on, but also Ayahausca is known for long term healings; especially mental conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, but also at times physical problems too.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony

Deuring our ayahuasca retreat, We want people to develop a personal relationship with the plants, however we're always at hand if support is needed.

Ceremonies all start with a meditation connecting clients to the plants before their effects become noticeable. We do not have dancing or singing during our ceremonies, soft meditative music is played.

We don´t use shamans in our ceremonies, we prefer to not interfere with your process, trusting in you and your subconscious to lead you to the very best results for your personal healing.

Our Approach to Ceremonies

Ethical Ayahuasca

We take great care sourcing our medicines. We know the Ayahuascero ‘Brown’ who prepares the medicine, when in the valley he visits us, he is a friend with a wonderful energy and soulful spirit. Brown’s Ayahuasca comes from a sustainable source near Tamishyacu in the Amazon basin.