Munay Medicines Approach to Ceremonies

We do not use shaman, there are two reasons and the prime one is that we want people to have a direct personal relationship with the plants that continues after they leave us.

The traditional use of shamans was to take people into the jungle, serve the medicine then leave to return hours later. The Spanish created the intermediary scenario, much like a priest from their Catholic background to maintain a level of control over the experience and hence create a dependence on a third party. We want people to connect directly with the plants so their teaching continues after leaving us.

To enable this we start ceremonies with meditation; this prepares peoples state of mind. As the plants take effect clients can move effortlessly into the experience and it is a deeply personal one. No two people have the same experience and no two experiences are ever the same. There is no generic explanation but put simply, the first Ayahuasca experience can be considered an introduction where the plant ‘cleans’ this can involve purging. The second ceremony can be considered ‘healing’ and the third ‘insight’, however this all happens at the sub-conscious level.

It can take the conscious mind days to ‘catch up’, indeed it can take a lot longer. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is the conscious mind initially becoming aware of higher levels of consciousness and the integration into the conscious mind of what happens at the sub-conscious level happens over time.

This becomes noticeable at the conscious level by simple changes of behaviour. As an example, something may happen and a different reaction to that had been someones previous behaviour is notiable. The change being a greater degree of understanding.

By practicing the meditations we teach clients can move seamlessly back into the vibration levels the plants bring, it’s like an anchor and to support this David has recorded one of his meditations for people to use after they leave. This meditation can be done by anyone, whether they have been to Munay or not. 

Also there are many that call themselves shaman specifically for western visitors looking for guidance and help. There are very few real shaman and now many hundreds of retreats, hence there are many imposters with very impressive 'backgrounds'. We know of one real shaman, she does not do retreats, she considers herself a 'healer of healers' and is seen regularly by David, Tracie, Ken, Paradise and Marina. We know how good she is, real shaman are really few and far between.